Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - New Jersey

Welcome to Freehold, NJ

Shucks, too late for Halloween.

Historic St Peter's Church, which was a hospital during the Battle of Monmouth.

Wow, that's an old building

Ooh, Molly Pitcher's well from the Battle of Monmouth.

Martians landed in Princeton near Grovers Mill in the 1930's.


No martians around right now....

Cub Scout awards with Stephen and Connor.

Cub Scout Pack 155 brings holiday cheer to the assisted living folks.

Let's play some songs.

Fa La La La La, La, La, La La.

Gingerbread Cookies!

Stretch to put the angel up high.

Maurice does not have much to say.

...but Vargas wanted to play....

Where's Mr Toast?????

Cylons aren't all that bad.

Andy Warhol?

The famous Americana Diner.

Some warm cocoa with an old friend.

A quiet moment before Mr Toast leaves once more on his tour.


Anonymous said...

And the Warhol image is my new screensaver!
(Has anyone shown Mr. Toast around Boston or NYC...?)


Dan Goodsell said...

Yeah the traveling Mr Toast has been to Massachusetts & New York.

But if you have a Mr Toast and want to show how he passes his time around your town, I would love to post any photos you might take.