Saturday, September 29, 2007

Snakin Cake

Snakin' Cake

As a kid I used to love Betty Crocker's Snakin' Cakes. This Chocolate Almond was my favorite, I can still taste those little almonds. I think the appeal of the Snakin Cake was that it was smaller and and it just took water to make. I would make one up and it would be gone the next day.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Twinkles Art

Twinkles Cereal Box art

I am always amazed at the stuff that turns up on ebay. This is the art for the front, back and story pages of a great 1960-1 Twinkles cereal box. Twinkles was an incredible cereal because instead of having premiums inside, each box was like a comic book with a fold out page on the back. They changed the boxes frequently and were all fully painted. They ended up producing almost 50 boxes before abandoning the idea and going to a more conventional box design.

So it was quite a treat when this art and an original unused box turned up on ebay. It ended up costing a bit but I doubt I will ever have a shot at another. To see more Twinkles boxes check out a gallery of them on my website - TWINKLES GALLERY.

Twinkles Cereal Box artTwinkles Cereal Box

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - South Carolina

Mr Toast arrives in Allendale, SC, which is hours away from the major cities. No cable, DSL Internet, food delivery, ATMs, taxis, busses, newspaper delivery or even shopping! But every summer there are luscious peaches, juicy watermelon and cantaloupe. Marjorie is Mr Toast's host.

Upon arriving Mr. Toast has to pass the sniff test from the dogs, Petunia & Bunny.

Mr. Toast looks thrilled to be staying in our guest house next door to Smitty's cat house.

Momma & Mr. Toast are just a swingin' on her back porch.

Mr Toast gets caught in the thick underbrush.

Mr. Toast tries not to make any sudden moves as Smitty checks him out.

Coffee alfresco.

Mr. Toast & Bunny are buddy-rolls now.

Climbing in the fig tree.....

Momma cooked gravy and grits for Mr. Toast!

Cannon placements, earthen fortifications and the Cyprus swamp can still be seen after over 140 years at the site of one of the Confederacy’s last stands against General William T. Sherman’s sweep across the South.

Mr. Toast savors the cool fresh swamp air, nothing like the air back home in LA.

Back in the day, Allendale was a rocking little town. There's not much left of the boom years now but just a few of the grand old storefronts and all those little motor courts that were so popular in the past.

Spooky, where did all the peaches go?

Mr. Toast can you imagine that people lived here along the banks of the Savannah River during the last Ice Age,

In Augusta, GA, Mr. Toast got to see the statue of the Godfather Of Soul, James Brown.

Michelle, our server, was so charmed by Mr. Toast that she asked for his web address. But nothing could stop Momma from digging into her drunken steak & potato!

Artesian wells supply the legendary mineral waters of Healing Springs located near Blackville, SC.

Mr. Toast got to visit the rare vertical sundial in Barnwell, SC.

Bunny was glad to have Mr Toast back and she was not giving him up.

Playtime for the wild crowd

Mr. Toast fits right in with the pack.

After all this travels, Mr Toast needed a bath and a quick dry.

Well it is time to go and Momma has baked Mr Toast a goodbye coconut pineapple pie. Thanks Marjorie, Momma, Bunny, Petunia and Smitty.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Childhood Superhero Drawings

As you can see I was into Marvel comics, no Batman or Superman in sight. I think these were done in 1973 when I was about 8 years old.

Childhood Superhero drawing

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Out and About

In addition to his other travels, Mr Toast finds time to get out to other events around the country. Just a few weeks ago he and Joe visited the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle with host Cassandra of I Heart Rummage.

Also through Mr Toast friend, monkey, he met the monks from drepung loseling monastary last weekend. Here he is with the chantmaster, pema rinchen. (his name means precious lotus - pema = lotus rinchen=precious.) Mr. Toast's tibetan name if pag lep - (it actually means bread... apparently they don't have a lot of toast in tibet .)

Lastly Mr Toast fan, Enna, sent in this photo of Mr Toast from Comic Con. As you can see Mr Toast is quite fearless in the face of danger.