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Mr Toast Paper Toy

Mr Toast Paper Toy

My friend Dallas was nice enough to design a custom Mr Toast Paper Toy. You can just print him out, carefully cut him out and glue him together. Check out more of Dallas paper toys at Monkey in a Dryer.

To download the toy just click on the image below and you will get a giant version which you can print out. If possible print out on thick paper or even cardstock.

Friday, October 09, 2009

One Million Views

When my buddy Charles Barnard made a little animation of Mr Toast walking, I never expected how far it would travel. I put the video on YouTube and it got a lot of views. Well some people must have enjoyed it so they reposted it on their own YouTube accounts. One of these repostings was in Germany and it got linked to a popular clip about a cartoon Llama. rom there it just took off. Just today that repost passed a million views.

One million is a very satisfying number. As a creator I am always amazed at the way Mr Toast gets around. Each milestone reached is a wonderful thing and I really can't imagine where it will end.



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