Sunday, December 16, 2007

Spidey Toast

Widgett over at did an amazing thing, he wrote the theme song to the Spidey-Toast cartoon. For anyone that grew up in the 70's, the theme song for the Spider-man cartoon was so catchy, that it was never forgotten. So here it is, feel free to sing along.

Spidey-Toast, Spidey-Toast
Fighting crime from coast to coast
Spins a web around the town
Always lands dry side down
Look-out, here comes the Spidey-Toast!

Is he cool?
Listen, Fred
He's more wonder than Wonderbread
Can he swing we say yes
Better written than JMS
That's why he's Spidey-Toast.

In the warmth of day
You can find him in the know
Like a streak of gold
At Goodsell's gallery show

Spidey-Toast, Spidey-Toast
Friendly, good for you Spidey-Toast
Empowered by common sense
All natural ingredients

To him, life is a great big fun game
You will remember his one name
He is the Spidey-Toast!


Unknown said...

Very nice.

technabob said...

As long as he doesn't have radioactive blood, I'm good.

Anonymous said...

that's pretty hilarious... will we see loafs of this stuff in the future?.. i can't wait to see your bread bag design and the set of mr. toast and company marvel sticker spoofs..!

Anonymous said...

I <3 Spidey-Toast's little blue shorts :D