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Camp Fire Girls Donut Drive

Camp Fire Girls Donut Drive

I got this cool little paper badge from the super nice, Kevin Kidney. Probably from the late 40's or early 50's, this little thing represents the glory of printing. So pretty and nice and only one color of ink. I am not sure where my love of paper came from but this satisfies that love.

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Under the Influence : Beastie Boys

Stir Fry

Tonight is the opening at Gallery 1988 of Under the Influence: Beastie Boys show. Everyone does their take on the Beastie Boys and their music. I chose one of my favorite song lyrics and did a little watercolor. I am sure the show will be packed tonight and I am sure there will be a fair amount of celebrities in attendance.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Premium Sticker Art

Norman Cereal sticker artBooperoos Cereal sticker art

I just got these cool pieces of art for some obscure cereal premium stickers. Normans and Bopperoos were short lived cereal from Nabisco so it is hard to find much related to them.

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