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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - Arkansas

First things first- having spent time among numerous pets, cute kids and even on a Floridian toilet, Mr Toast gets a refreshing shower of disinfectant.

The accommodations here are quite swanky.

To ensure a safe visit, Mr Toast is issued an round-the-clock personal security team.

Whenever possible, breakfast at Waffle House is a must.

Mr Toast makes a couple new friends.

There seems to be a lot going on here at the Wal-Mart world headquarters.

Surveying an Ozark hillside, sans leaves.

Neat old signs always make for a good snapshot.

Cool, another one!

Mr Toast stands before an ordinary landscape. Wait! What's that in the distance? It looks like...

A dinosaur!

Whew, it's not real. It's just a remnant of an abandoned tourist attraction called Dinosaur World.

"Hurry and take the picture please."

Remember to keep your distance when dinosaur eggs are hatching.

"I just wish my date had a head."

The quest for toast comes to an end.

One disadvantage of being so short: funhouse mirrors never work right.

This fun spot is no secret.

Whoa, it's the Christ of the Ozarks!

It's big.

A 10x10 piece of the Berlin Wall. How random.

It's the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. And it's supposed to be haunted!

On to non-haunted downtown Eureka Springs.

Mr Toast throws himself into the holiday spirit.

Mr Toast meets one of his own. Wait, don't shake his hand- he's got a Joy Buzzer!

It looks like a lot of pranks get played around here.

Mr Toast takes time to remember the 80s.

So this is what it feels like to be an old dime store toy.

Mr Toast ponders other places that would be fun to visit.

Mr Toast is the only one stirring on the night before Christmas

Feel that Christmas cheer.

Vintage graphics always make Mister Toast a little homesick

Christmas morning 2007

Thanks Kirk for a great time in Arkansas!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kool Aid Stand (1970)

As with all kids we had our share of Kool Aid stands. We would set up on the front lawn and do our best collecting nickels. After a successful first day, I would be figuring out all the money I would make over a nice long summer. Day two would come to much less business and that would be the end of that.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Our Front Porch

This photo is of me at age 5 in front of my childhood home. The house is now gone, a victim to condo building in Costa Mesa. It is nice to see our old porch and lawn swing. Looking at the brick arrangement and those two rocks just brings back memories to me. How many times did we turn over those rocks in search of insects or bugs?

I don't remember the stuffed animal I am holding. I do remember having a whole ton of them that I would set up on my pillow each morning and then throw on the floor each night. The life of a kid.....

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mars and Beyond Dinosaur

In addition to all the great space stuff in the Disney special Mars & Beyond, there was a section where the evolution of life was shown. As part of this a group of dinosaurs were shown evolving and eventually dying out. This Stegosaurus was one one of the dinos and can be seen for about 2 seconds. When I got him, he came with a background which did not seem to be used in the program. Also below is a video link to the section of Mars & Beyond where the dinosaur segment appears.

Mars & Beyond Background

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Mars and Beyond

These still come from the Wonderful World of Disney episode "Mars and Beyond". Classic stuff.

Mars & BeyondMars & BeyondMars & Beyond

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Mr Toast's USA Tour - Ohio

Having just arrived in Cleveland, Mr Toast gets ready to head to the park with Luke.

stopping on the way to climb some trees and enjoy the fall foliage...

Red leaves too.

Ah, this swing looks like a good spot to rest and watch the kids run about...

Oh, so this is a slide?

Well! I quite enjoyed that! Let's go again!

..OH DEAR GOD! Not by myself!

Phew, I think I will just stay here and take the dog for a walk.

Later in the evening, Mr Toast ventures out to a Cleveland ice cream favorite, Malley's Chocolates.

Mr Toast enjoying the Alice in Wonderland mural

Mr Toast posing with my wife, Louise, enjoying her chocolate milkshake

Mr Toast indulging in a family favorite, pretzels dipped in hot fudge.

Mr Toast decided to join myself, my sister and Dad Thanksgiving morning for a 5K Turkey Trot.

MOVE PEOPLE! We got some turkey to eat today!

This looks like a snug place to be for a race.

Posing with my family after the race...

After the race in front of Cleveland Browns Stadium...

Mr Toast checking out some Cleveland landmarks. Here he poses in front of the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame...

...and then squeezes himself into the sign out front...

...outside of Cleveland Browns Stadium...

..checking out the Terminal Tower...

Mr Toast is now WITNESS to LeBron James - at least this huge Nike banner.

And wraps up his visit at Jacobs Field, home of the Cleveland Indians. Time to say goodbye to Ohio......