Saturday, December 08, 2007

Japanese Cartoons

When I was a kid I was into Japanese Robot cartoons. This was before Mattel put out the Shogun Warriors and the only place to find the toys and books was at Japanese markets. Me and my friends used to go to these markets and dig through the comics and look at all the crazy toys. On one TV station we could watch the cartoons.

My very accommodating parents even dove me up to Los Angeles once and let me go to all the stores in Little Japan. It was like entering a magical world where everything was new and different. I didn't have lots of money to spend so I bought stickers, trading cards and books. I put all the stickers in a little plastic box and have saved them all these years.

The cake pictured above was one done by my grandmother for me at this time. She decorated cakes so every birthday we got an amazing unique cake. It was quite wonderful.

Between this stuff and comic books, it really set the groundwork for me to become a lifelong collector of paper items. I still look at the images on these stickers and I feel I have to protect and cherish them.

Storage BoxJapanese trading cardsJapanese trading cardsJapanese trading cardsJapanese stickersJapanese stickersJapanese stickers


Tom Gill said...

Judging by the cake your grandmother made, artistic talent must run in the family.

K_tigress said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same way.
BTW love the robot collection.

Dan Goodsell said...

yeah my grandmother and grandfather were both artists. My mother is a big crafter, my dad a builder and one of my brothers is an artist too. It is in the blood.

sroden said...

puffy stickers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that cake is rad, i had a jimmy hendrix cake one year... not nearly as cool as yours... i can't believe your grandma made that.