Tuesday, February 28, 2006

On the Web

A few things relating to Mr Toast and the Misfit Toys show have turned up on the web.

First off a nice write up and big group of photos on Vinyl Pulse about the Misfit Toys show. Vinyl Pulse covers the world of collector and designer toys.

Vinyl Pulse article

MacKat on Flickr has a set of behind the scenes photos of the Misfit Toys opening including some great ones of the desert foods that were served (and which I never got any of).
MacKat's Flickr Photos

Erica at Tarte cosmetics featured Mr Toast in her Musings column.

Lastly our good friends at Old Man Musings gave us yet another kind mention.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mr Toast Contest

Already two of the Mr Toast contest winners have checked in with some great candid shots of Mr Toast. First in was David Hall of Plan59.com. David runs a cool site that rescues classic advertising images and makes them available as high quality art prints. Mr Toast is making himself at home with David and learning a little about scanning and computing. He set up a page of those adventures.

In the case of Tom Gill, Mr Toast has moved in with his family and even goes with Tom to work at the Library. Tom has set up a photo blog to share those photos with more to come. Tom also has a personal blog where he is sharing some of his personal slides from the past including some great ones from Tiki Gardens and Six Gun Territtory.

It is so cool that Mr Toast has been welcomed into these great environments.

New York Comic Con 2006

The con was a complete success. I took the red eye Thursday night to arrive in NY Friday morning. A nice insane drive through rush hour traffic got me to the show about 10 AM leaving me 2 hours to set up. I had my own 10x10" booth so I hung shirts and signs on the back curtain and covered one table with comics, dolls, books, etc.

The show opened to the trade at noon and the public got in at 4 PM. By about 2 PM it had gotten busy and it never let up for the rest of the weekend. My friend Brian had come down from Pennsylvania on Friday to help out but I was on my own the other 2 days. From what I heard the show was so crowded on Saturday that they had to stop selling tickets and letting people in. A collector friend of mine Jim Rash tried to get in on Saturday but was turned away.

I met a ton of great people including Rebekah (see photo below) who is Mr Toast's new #1 fan. I got to talk to cool people from Del Rey Books, Nick Jr Magazine, IFC, Mirage Publishing, Capt Blue Hen Comics, CultureCatch, MOCCA, Harper Collins, American Greetings and so many others I am forgetting. Thanks to everyone that came.

This is the first show I have done with the Mr Toast dolls and they went over big. I sold over 100 dolls including every last small doll (even a few that has small fabric imperfections). A couple people told me that the dolls were the hit of the show. One person came by the booth on Sunday and said that they had seen someone on the subway with one and had to come get one for themselves! It is a small, strange and generally amazing world.

Happy to be Home

Well I am back from NYC. Got in at midnight and finally went to bed at 1:30 and had to get up at 6 AM to do today's comic.
The show was a complete success. I will write a show report and post some pics later on today. Thanks to everyone that come by my booth.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

off to NYC

Well I am leaving for NYC to do the NY Comic Con so I will probably not be updating the blog until monday. If you come to the show make sure and say hi - I am in booth #472.

NY Comic Con

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Battery Family

The insanity continues

Sunset Strip at Misfits opening

SunsetStrip.com was at the Island of Misfit Toys opening and they made a cool video of the goings on. I don't do any talking but our esteemed curator Meg Linton does. You can view it on their site -

Sunset Strip

Hunny Munch

While Nabisco had the license for Winnie the Pooh cereal in the US, Quaker Oats had it in Canada. They released Hunny Munch around 1966 and this great promo folder did a great job of showcasing it. The folder has a cool diecut of Pooh and when you first open it he pulls a box of cereal out of honey pot. Inside are all the facts needed to convince grocers to stock the cereal. I am still looking for the point of sale posters and shelf talkers.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vintage Disneyland

Here is a roundup of some nice old Disneyland shots. All taken from slides. For more vintage shots visit Patrick's great blog -


and my Flickr group devoted to old Disneyland


and my photo tour of Disneyland at

The Imaginary World

Monday, February 20, 2006

Lil Pranksters comic

I don't condone this kind of activity.

Swift's Meats Space Premiums

In the 1950's Swift's Meats offered a great series of premiums all related to outerspace. They made trading cards, space maps and space travel guides. They also constructed a Rocketship that traveled the country on the back of a semi.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Household Funnies

I am not sure what this means but it just kind of came out. It is sort of an homage to all the Hot Stuff and Little Dot Harvey comics.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

1950's Mickey Mouse candy boxes

This set of candy boxes seems to be never ending. We have been buying them for about 10 years and have 16 different. I think they might have issued them a couple times with varying characters since there are 2 different boxes with Captain Hook. So who knows if we will ever finish the whole set.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Mr Toast Photo contest

Thanks to everyone that participated! We had entries from as far away as China, Canada and Alaska. I loved everyone's effort and can't wait to see what they do with their Mr Toast dolls. Photos by the contestants coming as soon as they get their dolls and start shooting.

Flea Market Finds

It all begins at the PCC flea market, we were digging through some paper and found a small pile of old drawings. They were very Nutty Mad & Underground comix inspired. Looking more carefully I notice a couple are signed "Jim Woodring 1967". I end up buying them and a few other things the person has.

When I got home, I fired up the computer, did a little research and sent off an email to famed comic artist Jim Woodring telling him about the drawings I found. Within a few hours Jim and I are communicating via email and he confirmed that the drawings were done by him in junior high school. He figures he had given them away at that time and now amazingly they have resurfaced. Generously he offers to trade me a brand new page of his artwork for these unusual curios from his past. I happily agree and the trade is done.

The piece I got from him is quite amazing. It is page 11 of his new book "The Lute String" and features Frank, Pupshaw and Pushpaw. Quite a nice deal.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Newspaper Article

The Argonaut newspaper in Venice ran an article about the "From the Isalnd of Misfit Toys" show - I got a nice little mention at the end of the article.


Mr Toast in NYC

I will be at the NY Comic Con on Feb 24-26. I will be in booth #472 with comics, dolls and other fun Mr Toast stuff. If you want me to bring anything special send me an email otherwise hopefully I will see some of you at the show.

More show info - NY COMIC CON

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tastee Freez Fun Books

I go this pair of FUn and Games books in the mail today. There must have been a big find of Tastee Freez stuff somewhere because there is a lot of it on ebay right now.


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day

Here are a few vintage Valentines. Hope everyone has a great day.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Walking Animation Test

If you want to see the first test of Mr Toast animation click HERE

This animation was done by Charles Barnard and boy did he do a great job. More to come.....

Saturday, February 11, 2006

From the Island of Misfit Toys

Well it is the morning after and I have survived. I worked on the show for about 3 months and created 26 new pieces just for the show (and about 6 more that didn't make the cut). I want to thanks Meg, Kathy, Jinger and the rest of the staff at the Ben Maltz Gallery for their help and support in getting this project done. The whole show is great and it is well worth the time to visit and see it all. As usual click on the photos to see larger images. Now on to the photos....