Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comic Con Booth

Well here is what the booth looked like pretty much the whole show. We were surrounded. It was really lucky that we had th corner booth so that people could see into the booth from 2 sides.

Comic Con 2007

Trying to decide which character to buy.

Comic Con 2007

I try to sign every book that people buy.

The Booth

This is the booth before the show opened. Nice and neat and orderly, it did not stay that way.

Flash Shaky

THis kid was covering his Shaky with buttons he got at the show.

Dino's Mr Toast tattoo

Lastly we have Dino who has an actual Mr Toast tattoo based on one of my old comics. Very cool.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Shaky Bacon Moonlights

Sheigh Crabtree over at the LA Times Blog had a fun time at Comic Con with Shaky Bacon. Check out her fun reports.

Introducing Shaky Bacon

Shaky Bacon peers into the crystal ball

Shaky Bacon and the death ray

Shaky Bacon sizzles with Knight Seeker

Shaky Bacon mulls new life as 'Frankenbacon"

...midnite Squishee

Mr Toast Fans

This is Jack, he is a Mr Toast Super Fan. He came to Comic Con every day and kept coming back to the Mr Toast booth along with his 2 sisters and mom. I am always amazed at how Mr Toast really connects with kids.

Aitana & Nini

Two more Super Fans were Aitana and Nini. I think they came by the booth 3-4 times on Thursday and really loaded up on Mr Toast goodies.

I will post some more about the con in the next few days but today I just want to say thanks to all the Super Fans. I work hard all year to put together a fun booth for the show and the smiles on all the kids faces is my best reward.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Comic Con 2007

Well the car is almost packed and I am heading down to San Diego for Comic Con. I will be in booth #2648 which is right near the middle of the hall towards the back wall. It is a corner booth and hard to miss especially with the 6 foot Shaky Bacon selling art.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Classic 80's Bubble Gum

Care*free, Bubble Yum, Hubba Bubba, Bubblicious, Space Crystals, Freshen-up, Binaca Blast, Tidal Wave & Chewels.

Cinnamon Care*free gum wrapperGrape Bubble Yum gum wrapperGrape Bubble Yum gum wrapperStrawberry Bubble Yum gum wrapperOriginal Hubba Bubba gum wrapperCola Hubba Bubba gum wrapperRaspberry Bubblicious gum wrapperWild Strawberry Bubblicious gum wrapperCherry Cola Bubblicious gum wrapperCosmic Cherry Space Crystals gum wrapperPeppermint Freshen-up gum wrapperBubble Gum Freshen-up wrapperFruit Freshen-up gum wrapperFrosty Mint Binaca Blast gum wrapperCinnamon Binaca Blast gum wrapperOrange Tidal Wave Bubble Gum wrapperSpearmint Chewels wrapper

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - Florida

Mr Toast arrived in Florida to stay with Amanda. He spent some time goofing off around her house.

Time to set off in search of fun. First stop the Adventurers' Club at Downtown Disney.

Then a ride on the monorail to Disney World.

Then off to Epcot and and all the many lands at the World Showcase.

Of course at Disney, there are plenty of characters to see and meet.

Well Mr Toast has had a fun time. Now it was time to say goodbye to Florida