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Cornelius Candy Corn

Cornelius Candy Corn
Thanks to everyone who entered the Name the Candy Corn contest. The name that I liked the best was Cornelius which was submitted by my own Mom! Just to show that I am not just playing favorites, I am also awarding 5 honorable mentions to the names that almost made it - those were Clark, C.C., Charles Andrew Corn, Holly and George (which was actually mentioned twice so it goes to the first poster (sorry Patrick)). Each of the honorable mentions gets a Candy Corn doll of their choice and a few other goodies. Thanks to everyone for participating, it was a tough choice.

Dream Job

Dream Job

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Ad Boy

Ad boy

Every couple years Warren Dotz and Masud Hussain put out another book of vintage ad character graphics. AD BOY is the latest volume. This one is bigger then the last book, Meet Mr Product, which makes it much nicer. So if you have not had your fill of cool and crazy ad characters, you should pick it up.

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Name the Candy Corn

Candy Corn doll

Candy Corn needs a proper name and I am asking for help. The less then creative name I am thinking about is Andy. But maybe you the blog reader can do better. Think of a name and post it in the comments section (put some way for me to contact you). If your name is picked you will get a Candy Corn prize package, including all 3 new Candy Corn dolls and a bunch of other fun stuff (value of prize over $50). Each person can suggest up to 3 names. I will decide next weekend and post the winning name on May 18th. And thanks for helping out.

Lil' Candy Corn

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