Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mr Chips - Burry Day 13

Mr Chips Salesman DisplayMr Chips box back

Mr Chips was Burry's answer for Chips Ahoy. They came in 3 flavors and had quite the mysterious mascot. A few months ago I was lucky to get a salesman sample box of all three flavors. The amazing thing is that the boxes are still sealed in cello wrap and full of cookies!

Mr Chips Secret Mission to EyesoreMr Chips & the Cookie People of MarsMr Chips comic back coverMr Chips comic book art

They made 3 Mr Chips comics in 1965. In my collection I have the complete original artwork to one of the comics which may have been done by the Jay Ward Studios.

Burry's Mr Chips animation celBurry's Mr Chips animation drawing

I also have a few animation cels with Mr Chips. I have never seen the commercials so I am not sure what he did with that giant cannon....

Mr Chips Puppet

Friday, June 29, 2007

Misc. Items - Burry Day 12

Todays items were the ones that did not fit to well with others so I am just grouping them together. The Long Treat ice cream wrapper is cool because it was made by Fairmont Foods but used Burry's Chocolate wafers. This is also the case for the cool sign below.

Ice Cream Sandwich SignBurry's Tic Tac Toe cookies

Tic Tac Toe cookies are not very exciting but I take what I can get when it comes to my Burry collecting.

Burry Cookies Bunny Mask

Lastly we have this bunny mask from 1954. In the 50's inexpensive paper premiums were quite common as grocery store giveaways.

House Painter

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Burryland - Burry Day 11

Burry took all their characters and put them together in one place, Burryland. They even produced a vacuform plastic game that was a map of the magical place. You could visit the Moutain of Marshmallow or take a paddleboat up the River of Chocolate. One of the most intersting things about the game is the appearance of Souperfish, which I guess was a brand of crackers that went into your soup. I would like to find a box of those.

Burryland Game piecesBurryland Stars cookie box

Burryland Stars were a brand of cookies that brought together all the Burry characters of the time. This box from 1968 also included a free prize, maybe this was where all those puppets came from.....


I think I might use this for a new postcard.....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies - Burry Day 10

Burry produced Girl Scout Cookies from the 1940's up until 1982 when Quaker Oats sold the company. I am not sure but my best guess is that they sold Burry to Kellogg's which changed the name to Little Brownie Bakers. Luckily many of the great cookies produced by Burry continue to be produced. These boxes and signs really show the charm of Girl Scout Cookie advertising.

Girl Scout Cookies signGirl Scout Cookies boxGirl Scout Cookies boxGirl Scout Cookies boxesGirl Scout Cookies boxes

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fudgetown - Burry Day 9

Another of Burry's classic cookies was Fudgetown. I have never seen the early commercials but it seems that Fudgetown is a little Bavarian town filled with elf characters that harness the fountains of fudge and use it to fill the cookies. The characters include Divinty Fudge, Finister Fudge and Judge Fudge.

Fudgetown box backFudgetown box back

I have seen a couple of box backs but I only have a b/w photos of the front of the box.

Burry's Fudgetown Elves celFudgetown Animation celFudgetown animation drawing

As you can see from these animation cels, the first commericals were not color. I have heard that the commercials were done by the Jay Ward Studios.

Marshal Fudge Fillin

I am not sure that this puppet is from Fudgetown. I think that Burry may have dumped the elves and went for a cowboy theme in early 70's. If anyone remembers this please leave a comment....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Cap'n Crunch - Burry Day 8

Burry Cookies was owned by Quaker Oats, so in the 1960's when Cap'n Crunch cereal proved to be a success, they used the Cap'n and his crew to sell cookies and ice cream. From the looks of the Peanut BUtter cookies box, the cookies were similiar to ones that Burry's also made.

Seadog Cookie Snacks box back

I can't believe Seadog Cookie Snakcs lasted too long since the name seems like they might be for the dog!

Kid w/ Cap'n Crunch cookies

This photo gives us a tantilizing look at the back of a 60's Cap'n Crunch cookies box.

Cap'n Crunch Ice Cream signCap'n Crunch Ice Cream Sign

These last two items show signs for a couple different Cap'n Crunch ice cream confections. I am still looking for a box or wrapper....

Breakfast on the Roof

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Batman & Green Hornet - Burry Day 7

Mr Chips box w/ Batmobile offer

Batman was a hit on TV in 1966 so Burry's ran a great promotional offer for a mail away Aurora Batmobile kit. To promote it they made a giant vacuform plastic sign.

Batman Burry Cookies sign

Also in 1966 Burry worked with the popular TV show, the Green Hornet, and issued a plastic bike badge. The bike badge shows up but the boxes with the offer are quite rare and did not just appear on cookie boxes but also on an ice cream sandwich box!

Bike Badge

photo from Hake's

Ice Cream Sandwich boxIce Cream Sandwich Box

photos from ebay

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lickity Splits - Burry Day 6

I don't know much about Lickity Splits but they seem to be Burry's answer to Oreos. Great characters and I love the use of the hot pink. The great ad for them was on back of a Scooter Pies box.

Lickety Splits ad

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mr Toast Ballcap

Dark Navy Otto cap - $15 + shipping

Scooter Pies - Burry Day 5

Scooter Pies were probably the most classic product that Burry made. 2 cookies with marshmallow inbetween and covered in chocolate. Each was individually wrapped if I remember correctly. I can still picture myself in the Stater Bros. Supermarket picking them up off the bottom shelf.

The characters that promoted Scooter Pies were a trio of giants. Eventually they added a kid named Jack and I think the narrowed it down to just one giant. They made puppets, kites and even a little scooter as premium items.

Scooter Pie boxScooter Pie Giants puppetsJack puppet