Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - New York

Mr. Toast arrived at my office in New York and was ready for adventure.

While in New York, Mr. Toast road around in my bag. It was quite cozy.

At my office Mr. Toast got to visit and have a great lunch meeting with Shaky Bacon.

Mr. Toast loves cats. And as you can see, my cat, Oliver, loves Mr. Toast.

Mr. Toast has relatives all over the world - but none as delicious as his cousin Bagel.

We took a beautiful morning walk to work over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The skyline of New York, the Empire State.

On the Brooklyn Bridge.

While staying in Brooklyn, Mr Toast got to enjoy some live music courtesy of Sivan Cotel and The Brooklyn Blues Band .

I couldn't get a picture of the delicious food we had, but here we are in Manhattan's Chinatown.

There's only one real way to get around the city. Mr. Toast didnt seem to mind.

Well that about does it for Mr Toast's visit to New York. THanks to host Aaron for showing him the sights!

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