Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - Arkansas

First things first- having spent time among numerous pets, cute kids and even on a Floridian toilet, Mr Toast gets a refreshing shower of disinfectant.

The accommodations here are quite swanky.

To ensure a safe visit, Mr Toast is issued an round-the-clock personal security team.

Whenever possible, breakfast at Waffle House is a must.

Mr Toast makes a couple new friends.

There seems to be a lot going on here at the Wal-Mart world headquarters.

Surveying an Ozark hillside, sans leaves.

Neat old signs always make for a good snapshot.

Cool, another one!

Mr Toast stands before an ordinary landscape. Wait! What's that in the distance? It looks like...

A dinosaur!

Whew, it's not real. It's just a remnant of an abandoned tourist attraction called Dinosaur World.

"Hurry and take the picture please."

Remember to keep your distance when dinosaur eggs are hatching.

"I just wish my date had a head."

The quest for toast comes to an end.

One disadvantage of being so short: funhouse mirrors never work right.

This fun spot is no secret.

Whoa, it's the Christ of the Ozarks!

It's big.

A 10x10 piece of the Berlin Wall. How random.

It's the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. And it's supposed to be haunted!

On to non-haunted downtown Eureka Springs.

Mr Toast throws himself into the holiday spirit.

Mr Toast meets one of his own. Wait, don't shake his hand- he's got a Joy Buzzer!

It looks like a lot of pranks get played around here.

Mr Toast takes time to remember the 80s.

So this is what it feels like to be an old dime store toy.

Mr Toast ponders other places that would be fun to visit.

Mr Toast is the only one stirring on the night before Christmas

Feel that Christmas cheer.

Vintage graphics always make Mister Toast a little homesick

Christmas morning 2007

Thanks Kirk for a great time in Arkansas!


Ronn Roxx said...

The photo of Mr Toast sitting admiring the Christmas Tree in the living room is great! Very retro, while the open door in the background gives a peek at a treasure trove of neat stuff! I'd love to get a peek in there ;-)

Anonymous said...

That old dinosaur park in the Mr Toast travel pics makes an atmospheric appearance ("Look, Norman!") during the first few minutes of the wonderfully strange 1969 Larry Buchanan epic, "IT'S ALIVE!"

Anonymous said...

I love Eureka Springs. Sigh!

Is that blue sofa in the Christmas pic a semi-round sectional? I ask because the part of it that's visible in the corner of the photo bears a striking resemblance to a curved orange sectional that I bought at the Salvation Army in Norman, OK and used for many years. It's currently wrapped in plastic, awaiting reupholstering. The low back is REALLY comfortable, but the burlap-like upholstery has remarkable cat-attracting properties, so it doesn't look like much anymore.

Earl Fando said...

I've stayed in the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas before. It's a creaky, old-fashioned, slightly swanky, semi-spooky treat. However, no spectres troubled us during our brief stay.

The most disturbing thing about the hotel was the balcony that ran along the outside of the floor the missus and I were on. Apparently, one could just walk around it passing by from room to room. That may be convenient for slasher psychos and OJ Simpson on a memorabilia crusade, but for the average guest it's bleeding nervewracking evertime a shadow hits the window.

Kirk D. said...

If I may comment on the other comments here...

Ronn- Glad you dug the photo and the living room!

anonymous- thanks for the awesome factoid. I had no idea and I can't wait to see that now.

vintage reader- That sectional is indeed curved (l-shaped) and it came from OKC. There isn't much support under the cushions so you really sink in, and like your cats, my dogs love it just a little too much.

earl fando- the scariest thing about the Crescent for me is the spiral staircase. You can see straight to the ground from the top floor and the stairs are not level so gravity pulls you to the center. This makes it seem like unseen forces are trying to push you off. Supposedly a cleaning lady committed suicide by jumping down this drop.
I think it's room 217 that's supposed to be the most haunted.

Brad said...

What was the name of the bald hairless puppet seen in this post? I had one as a kid and I totally forgot about it. I also grew up about 30 miles from Dinosaur world, but that's another story.