Monday, December 03, 2007

Vinyl Toy Network

Well I am done with shows for 2007. VTN was my last and it was quite a fun show. I was amazed at all the people that came through that I had seen at other shows and other people that just knew my work from the internet.

I was right across from Jeff Pidgeon who was selling his Happy Beaver figure. Jeff was there with his wife Anita and we had a chance to talk about being self producing artists. It is a lot of work and I can't wait to see what Jeff does next.

Also I had hoped to have a few of the new vinyl Mr Toast figures to sell but they did not get here in time. More news about that later this week.

As always a big thank you to everyone that came by and said hello.

Vinyl Toy NetworkVinyl Toy NetworkHappy Beaver

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Jeff Pidgeon said...

Hey, Dan! Drop me a line when you're ready to sell your vinyl Mr. Toasts, and I'll post it on my blog!