Monday, December 26, 2005

King Kong Cartoon

I had never seen the King Kong cartoon show as a kid but I became a fan of it when I saw some of the toys they had produced when the show was on. Mattel made a cool talking doll and puppet and MPC made a jungle playset. But today we are shining the spotlight on a syndication folder from the late 1960's. This material would be sent out to TV stations to try to sell the show. This one makes great use of only 2 colors and a great diecut design. It definitely sells me on the show.


Anonymous said...

I believe these were either just released on DVD or about to be.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for the lyrics to the cartoon song, I only recall the chorus. Isuue of King Kong, Gigantor, etc would be great. I do remember Gigantor song and Speed Racer song but only bits of Kimba the white lion. Back to the search for more Kong lyrics, have and love that Krazy Kids book, nice job!