Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas is Coming,,,,,


Anonymous said...

Came to your site via a hearty "thumbs up" by our mutual pal Matt at Scrubbles--
WOW! What a wealth of yesterday's scrumptiousness!
(...and just try using THAT word in a sentence every day for a month!)
Qwik Qweshchun, however-- what is the PUNCHLINE INSIDE the "Santa and His Rocketship" card?
If you don't know, or don't have access to it, maybe you could have a contest! And winner would get a Schwinn Banana Bike with glitterflake paint finish!
Or maybe just a package of chocolate NECCO wafers?
Just a thought!
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Important News!
I've spent some time mulling this over whilst waiting for my Pop Rocks 'N Underwood Deviled Ham Fritatta to reheat in my vintage Litton MicroRange, and I can pretty much affirm that NECCO wafers are better than a new Schwinn... Really.
Because if the prize WAS a Schwinn bike (with tricked out dub-L-krome sissybar, Factory reflector package and Hot Wheels Bell Kit, just for argument's sake), and if I DID win THAT BIKE (nubbly-tred tires and maaaaybe a basket, if it isn't too, too, well-- You Know) I would HAVE TO put playing cards in the spokes of said bike and affix them with those oldy-old wooden clothespins, and that would A) be bad for the trees and the environment and , B) be bad for my mom, who plays Canasta every Saturday with the gals at Jilly's College of Beauty (Senior Faculty Only, Thank You) and she needs her card games to "relax" a bit from "living with {my} [sic] Father all these years, criminy ,and get your Tired Mommy a diet Mr. Pibb and Stoli would ya, honey?"
So I think a bike would not be so good.
I think NECCO wafers--- I mean everyone can enjoy those--- I think the NECCOs are the best move here. Even Flipper Tommy (his momma took Thalidomide because she was upset about being Canadian, Tommy told me) can open theNECCO wafers. He can't really ride a bike so good because of steering issues.

Anonymous said...

Have I said too much?
I haven't really seen anyone in a couple days because of the snowstorm, so I tend to ramble.
My "Father" is in Akron, and my Mom is learning Frosted Tips in a Girl's Night Extra-Credit and Canasta-thon, so it is just me and my stuffed kitty Wayva and the tv. Friday means Fish Stix a la Litton and Campbell's Cream of Mushroom dressing!
Mom says the Litton is worth a professional cook and doesn't jimmy the likker cabinet like Aunt Vicki used to.
I like to shine up the Litton after I heat stuff. I like things neat and clean!
(I'm rambling again. "So, So ,Solly" as the guy with the funny eyes in in the cartoon said.)

Anonymous said...

Do you ever write back to those interesting folks what write you sometimes or are you perhaps on indisposed or vacation or it is snowing?
Just wondering .

They might like it if you would write.

New TO This Blog.

Dan Goodsell said...

I am looking for the card - I scanned it a few weeks ago so I am not quite sure where it is - the mystery of the Punchline will be solved.....

Anonymous said...

its gotta be "is out of this world"

Anonymous said...

..."includes waking up in a bomb shelter and eking out a miserable post-apocalyptic existance because only the Good Children were instantly dusted while they slept but you've got to start re-population with creepy Mrs. Goodhue."

just a thought.