Monday, December 05, 2005

Illustration Art

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As a collector I am always on the lookout for cool old original pieces of illustration art. This one turned up at the flea market. Signed L. Chase this great cartoony guache has kids, a bear and ice cream, my kind of subject matter.

(click to see large)
This second piece came off of ebay and features flying saucers over a modern city. The cool thing is that the saucers are piloted by Air Force pilots. Signed Munson, it was probably used in a magazine to illustrate out that our military would soon have its own flying saucers.


Chris Merritt said...

NIce! For some reason, you just don't see people illustrating like that any more.... That guache one is great!

Dan Goodsell said...

I think it is making a comeback but now being done on computers. I am just glad acrylics cane give a pretty similiar look to guache because I have never had any luck with them.