Monday, December 05, 2005

Kids Food Animation cels

Goofy Grape animation cel (click to see large)

This Goofy Grape cel was probably from the first year of production 1964.

Mr Wiggle cel (click to see large)

To simulate his wiggling they used multiple clear layers of red acetate

Puddin Head concept art (click to see large)

Wheat Chex Dragon (click to see large)

Mr Waffles animation cel (click to see large)

Mr Chips animation cel (click to see large)

Mr Chips animation drawing (click to see large)

Fudgetown Elves animation model cel (click to see large)

Jay Ward Studios did the original design on Fudgetown and Mr Chips

Fudgetown Box animation stat (click to see large)

I would love to find this actual box...


Anonymous said...


I love the Puddin' Head pic! Puddin' Head stuff is so hard to find - Good Job!

Gregg / St. Louis

Anonymous said...

I want one of those Burry's Fudge Town cookies so badly! Dan, glad to see you' re back.


athomeinrome said...

I wish there were a color photo somewhere and/or a Fudgetown commercial on You Tube, but we're not so lucky...