Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Dynamints were Dentyne gums answer to Tic Tacs. Their big improvement on the small mint concept was to orient the box the other way. Thanks to Randy Jones for his contribution of this piece.


Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Tic-Tacs had nothing on that Dynamint fruit flavor. It was really odd; like no other candy out there that I can think of.

I used to eat those by the handful.

Monica said...

we ate dynamints!!!

Anonymous said...

That was a great blast from the past! I forgot about those. They came in an innovative package too. Ron

Anonymous said...

i wish we could get these things again they was so good

Anonymous said...

"Want to shake up your mouth?"

Anonymous said...

I must be getting old, because I remember Dynamints, too. They rocked!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I forgot they had fruit flavored Dynamints. My favorite were the spearmint and peppermint ones. For some reason I enjoyed mixing them with starbursts in my mouth and eating them that way and washing it all down with a coke. As good as the package was, you always had to shake it hard or bang it on a counter to get the last Dynamints that got hung up in the lid part between the baffle or whatever they called that plastic strip that ran down the middle of the top.

Anonymous said...

what in the world are dynamints never heard of them