Monday, July 24, 2006

Comic Con 2006 - pt 1

Well here are the few photos I took at Comic Con. First up is my booth. You can see all the shirts and goodies I had for sale. This was the 3rd show I had the plush dolls and I sold over 300 of them. They were my hit of the show. Everyone loved the Jess Hutch Mr Toast posters, they brought many smiles to the show. The other cool thing was the interest in my artwork, I sold almost all the paintings I brought and many of the works on paper too.

This is Dakota, one of the many hundreds of kids that discovered Mr Toast for the first time at the Con. He ended up coming back for 3 days straight picking up more and more stuff. His mom even said that they went back to the hotel after the show and went online to check out my site. It was very gratifying.

This is Hillary and Jeannine. They were two of my biggest fans from last year and even came to the show wearing a Mr Toast shirt! They were even cooler because they brought me candy and a cool Kogepan doll. So now Mr Toast is hanging out with is Japanese cousin Kogepan.

I am not sure of this guys name but he was having artist draw on his shirt in sharpie. I got to do Mr Toast on his sleeve.

Throughout the con many people asked for drawings and autographs. This fan actually brought full size comic art boards for people to work on. I did a quick drawing of Mr Toast trying to rescue a cat from the roof. It was pretty rough but silly.

One of the coolest people I got to meet at the show was Juliana who is better known as the artist Colorblok. She does fantastic work and traveled all the way from Argentina to do the show. We did an art trade and she took home Mr Glue and I got 2 great little prints of hers.

Lastly is fan Dave/B2/Tokka. He is a huge fan of my Tick Tock Toys cereal pages and was furiously running around the show.

It was amazing how cool everyone was at the show and how receptive they were to Mr Toast.

Show Report Part 2

Show Report Part 3


Anonymous said...

mr. toast and his friends look like they are having the time of their life!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Dan it was great to see you and to pick up Nils and Isotope. It sounds like you had a great show!!!

Anonymous said...

Re: Juliana.

Can I have her?


~ tOkKa said...

-->> ..i can't tell you what a thrill it was to run into you again.. Mt.Toast n' Tick tock gotta pal in tOkKa .. my proff laughed out loud when i told him the tale ..i even shared one of the extra Mr.Toasts with him.

This was the most labour intensive trip i've made out to that goofy ol' con ..and by far the most rewarding yet. You rock ,Mr.Dan !!

Again ..i dunno what else to say but thankyou thankyou thankyou !!

And if ya need an Extra Mr.Toast guy for the suit.. i'm yir snapper !!

8D !!

Anonymous said...

are you gonna be at comic con 2008??
just leave a comment on this website.

Toast said...

I LOVE Mr Toast! I have the stuffed animal, the neckless and the key chain of Mr Toast!!!

Anonymous said...

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