Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Comic Con 2006 - part 2

In this post I am going to talk about some of the cool people that came by the booth and a few of the funny things that happened. My biggest surprise of the show was that Charles (my friend who does the Mr Toast animations) took the time to come down to the show from No Cal! He had not told me so it was very cool when he walked up and introduced himself. We had never met but it did not seem that way after about 5 minutes. He has some new ideas about some Mr Toast projects cooking in his brain but more about that in the future.

Another person I got to meet and never expected to was Amy Winfrey of Making Fiends. She was at the show talking about working on the New Making Fiends TV cartoon for Nickelodeon. She was super cool and this will be the greatest cartoon ever.

Also coming by the booth was Andrew and his wife Chi, who are long time fans and supporters. You can check out his blog Old Man Musings for more about his Comic Con adventures. Kirk D. of the Secret Fun Blog came by with a copy of his new book "Life of the Party". I will talk some more about his book in another post but it is must get item.

Other cool people that cam by were Patrick of Stuff from the Park, Todd Franklin of Neatocoolville, Devojane, Sharonzilla, Robb Berry of Retrocrush.com, Danny Catt of the Characters, Elizabeth Ito, Travis and even Harold Bucholdt who was the great guy who printed my first comic (he was set up right across from me in the Kids Love Comics booth). I am sure I am forgetting lots of people becasue it was a busy week!

At the show a lot of people walk around with sketch books to get artists to do little sketches. The first time I did one I felt like a rock star and it continues to be a fun thing to do. Two times during the con people came up for sketches and when I looked in their books I saw that the previous page had a Batman sketch by NEAL ADAMS! It is a pretty tenuous connection to one of comics greatest artists but it made me feel really good.

But I think the thing that was most gratifying about the whole show was the response Mr Toast got from the kids. Sunday was family day and it was by far the most busy day at my booth. There was a seemingly endless parade of kids at the table learning about Mr Toast and really getting him. It was a perfect way to finish a perfect show.

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Anonymous said...

You're the best, Dan, and it was great to finally see you and meet your many adoring fans.

Remember, to love the creations is to love the creator...:)

Okay, that was schmaltzy, but I couldn't resist gushing.

Stuyvesant Parker said...

I totally missed your booth ENTIRELY. HOW DARE I? Now I feel terrible. I was there on Saturday and I was fairly certain I wandered around all the really important parts of the show floor... sad. Also I would have liked to have run into Patrick.

melissac. said...

I took a look around at the booth but didn't introduce myself. I'm not even a blog personality; I felt underwhelming in comparison to your other cool visitors.

Dan Goodsell said...

sorry you missed me brad - I was right next to the Peanuts/Snoopy booth. I should be in the same location next year.

next time googiemel say HI but I understand. I am the same way, it takes a lot of courage to approach people you dont know. Next time just ask for a sketch, which I am happy to do and that will get the ball rolling.

WEISSMAN said...

Speaking of kids "getting it," I just had to drop by and tell you how excited my son was to get the new plush and book(s). The new comic is a big hit. He seriously gasped and said "A new Mr. Toast book!" Thanks/Congratulations -- SW

Kirk D. said...

Ha! What timing. I made it into the photo!

Todd Franklin said...

Nice to know who put together your animations and it was fun view them again at the booth. He has done an amazing job with those and I'll look forward to seeing more in the future.

Anonymous said...

Woo. I was one of the people that had a Neal Adam sketch.

It was my first time being exposed to Mr Toast and his friend so I only bought a dollars worth but now that I checked out the website, I'm in love with him. Next year I'll going to buy EVERYTHING(I can afford)

Phillip said...

Jesus tap-dancing Christ, how did I miss my moment of fame on Dan Goodsell's blog? Thanks for the shout out, and I'll see you next year(month)!

-Phill (devojane)