Sunday, July 16, 2006

Batman Candy Boxes

With Comic Con this week, I decided to look at the Batman candy box set. It is a set of 8 boxes put out by Phoenix Candy in 1966. They are not too common but it ended up taking me about 10 years to get them all. I think my favorite of the set is Deathman although I can't remember ever seeing him in a comic book

In 1967, Phoenix Candy followed up with a series of Joker and His Pals candy boxes. Each featured a different villian on each side. I only have one of these boxes in my collection and they are way tougher to find then the Batman boxes.


Mr Lucky Doubles said...

I had never heard of Deathman either. Now I come across him twice in less than 10 minutes!
(scroll down a little from this link:)

Anonymous said...

oh please, please, please, post the pictures of the other Phoenix candy DC comics boxes set if ya got 'em!

Dan Goodsell said...

yeah I will have to post those one of these days - there are probably a few pictured on my website

Anonymous said...

do you have any idea what the toys inside the boxes were?