Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Comic Con 2006 - part 3

This final posting about my fun at Comic Con will deal with some of the great stuff I picked up there. The only vintage piece I got was an incredible piece of concept art from the Carnation Milk Rabbits commercials. It is a big gouache painting and will go nicely with the cels I have.

I was able to trade with Steve Weissman for his new book, Chewing Gum in Church. It is a compilation of gag strips that he posts on the Fantagraphics website. The design is stunning, the comics are hilarious and the art is wonderful. Steven had brought some of the artwork with him for sale and I could not resist buying a couple.

I also picked up the new book by Kirk Demarais "Life of the Party" which details the history of SS Adams, the company that basically invented dime store pranks. This giant book of almost 200 full color pages is incredible beyond belief. I am just going to show 1/2 page and you can get an idea of its magnificence.

I also picked up a copy of Cartoon Modern which I spent late nights in my hotel room going over. Amid out did himself with an incredibly researched and visually stunning book. I lost the DJ already so I am just picturing my favorite page (it was a hard choice.)

I mentioned in my earlier post about meeting Colorblok, these 2 little prints are what I traded from her. Just amazing.

Lastly, here are two little digital prints I got from Leah Chun. Well worth the $1 each. So cute.

So that about wraps up my Comic Con. I had a number of good meeting about Mr Toast and hopefully soon there will be some good news about the future directions he and I are going to take. But for sure next year I will be back at Comic Con, and once again thanks to everyone that came.

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WEISSMAN said...

Aw, thanks!

Those Colorblok prints are really attractive. I'll have to get some for myself.

My table-mate, Johhny, also bought that Pranks book. From the cover I didn't expect much but once you open it up it sucks you right in.

Take care/Thanks again!!

Kirk D. said...

Thanks for the plug Dan! It was great to see you. Aw, crud.. I didn't know Cartoon Modern was available. I've been eagerly awaiting that book!

Todd Franklin said...

Wow, you got some great stuff! I'm going to order Kirk's book and now I know of some other great books to order. Thanks for posting 'em!