Thursday, January 19, 2006

Woodamals at Santa's Village

The Woodamals also lived at the Santa's Village in Dundee IL. They are not quite as exotic standing next to a gigantic candy cane but the kids still love them.

More on Jungle Island's Wood-imals


Chris Merritt said...

I wonder if these "woodimals" were created by Forrest Morrow (the creator of the Knott's Jungle Island ones)? I bet they were - as he was from Illinois as well!

Dan Goodsell said...

yeah they were - on the card they refer to them as Woodamals not Wood-imals - I also have another flyer that as some articles about Morrow which I need to scan

Anonymous said...

lol...I can just imagine those things uprooting themselves from the dirt in the night time and walking as wood... =)