Monday, August 14, 2006

Shake-A Pudd'n

Shake-A Pudd'n box

1966 Shake-A Pudd'n ad

1969 Shake-A Pudd'n ad


Anonymous said...

What I love about your site is seeing the food stuffs I whined and whined about until my Mom bought them. Usually only once. And then we all forgot all about it until we visited this site.

Thank you for the memories!

(Yeah, Shake-A Pudd'n. I remember having it. Once. And for a reason.)

Dan Goodsell said...

thanks - it was nice reading your comment because I just read this guys blog where he basically says my collection is pointless. He also goes on to make a bunch of racist & derogatory comments.

Occasionally I get this kind of negative response from idiots but it is all the nice people like you who make me realize it is worth my time to share my collection

JimTex said...

Hey, I appreciate the memories you bring back, too. My comment about cyclamates on the Bugs Bunny Kool-Aid post was in no way meant to be sarcastic. Just brought back memories of yet another vanished product from the 60's. Just like the Shak-A-Pudd'n. Couldn't get enough of it.

And BTW, did this "Hart" numbskull even ask your permission for the use of your photos?

Dan Goodsell said...

Jim -

my info about cyclamates was prompted by another site that refernced my post and someone basically saying they were like poison. I figured that need a little correcting.

As to the idiot - of course he did not ask permission. Such is the way of fools.

ChaCha said...

What a horrible way to cut down anothers hard work and then repost it for all to see.!! What a loser. You don't worry about him, I love this blog and have added you to my side bar for others to see the treasures you post about. I will keep coming back!

Crafty Lady said...

Just looked over that idiots blog. Talk about no content.......I guess some people need to bash others to feel good.

His site is not worth revisiting, yours is on my daily list to check out what is new and old.

Keep up the great work.

Todd Franklin said...

I do get tired of our modern times filled with wise guys attitudes. Sites like yours help us travel for few moments to a more simple a care free time and you've been giving many people a a first class golden ticket! I'm sure your site will be around many many more years than his will.

On another note I just noticed at Barnes & Noble a special B&N printing of your Krazy Kids' Foods! book with a new cover.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan

WOW if that is not a blast from the past! Keep posting this wonderful stuff! I look forward to seeing what you post every day! Brings back great memories for me. My mom used to buy a lot of those products you posted.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dan,
I just had to read that idiots blog. I can't believe he trashed your wonderful site! He must be an organic food freak ;-}

Keep sharing your collection!

Thank heavens I had a mom that baught me that stuff. I still even have my "Daffy Dog" collection I had when I was a little! ;-)

lapstrake said...

It's interesting that the other blogger found your site interesting enough to steal some images.

Your themed lands, vintage supermarket photos, displays, food package pages, etc. are all awesome! I can't tell you how many times I've said, "Wow, I remember that!!" and "Where the heck does he get all this stuff!! - where does he keep it??!! :)

One lousy negative comment gives credibility to the many positive comments and experiences I've read about on your pages.

Keep it up!

sparklebutt said...

I too, like seeing your collection. It brings back memories sometimes because I had/used/saw the stuff, and other times of the era, when I don’t remember the item itself. I also get a chance to “see” the art involved which I never did before. This has opened my eyes to many of the designs around me instead of taking them for granted. And I love me some Mr. Toast & Co.!
Thanks Dan!

Bueno said...

That goof's swipe at your site and theft of its contents has hit a nerve in lovers of fun stuff everywhere. --And I'm glad. It's as good a time as any to say this: Please don't EVER leave the web. I never tire of your original site, and I check your blog every day. THANKS for collecting all this cool stuff. Memories of a Golden Age that never fail to bering a grin or a chuckle.

Dan Goodsell said...

thanks everybody. I understand that not everybody gets it but all the cool people do. Dont worry my blog and sites are not going anywhere.

rachael said...

all of your collections, the candy wrappers, cereals, temp tattoos, all of it...make me so happy i almost could spontaneously combust. and your artworks and plushies too, oh my. please dont pay any nevermind to the trolls of the world. they make hulk want to smash!

Anonymous said...

I remember these puddings quite well. I was probably 6 or 7 when they came out and they really were good (to my memory). This is the first time I have seen any reference to them since that time. They came with cups (although, I only recall there being 1 or 2 cups per box, and I recall the pudding powder being stored in the cups themselves, not in packets) and you mixed it yourself. To a kid, it was a great treat, but I imagine I would run from one of these today. Too many decades of pudding have passed and taken a toll on my waistline.

Ani said...

Yowza. That guy...oh my.

Just another compliment/comment to say thank you for documenting your AMAZING collection! And Mr. Toast never fails to make me smile.