Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beaver Blog Bonanza Week - Wednesday

MMM...I really loves this good ol; birch bark..what a picnic lunch!

What's this? Kraft Caramels....

"Rich, true caramel flavor..."


Yow-Eeee! Say, they're great!

Birch bark...Phooey! From now on I'm for Kraft Caramels with the true caramel flavor!


lapstrake said...

What a great ad campaign: our candy tastes better than tree bark!

I guess it works.

- I do love the ad by the way.

sparklebutt said...

For a minute, I was thinking, "Why is Dan going on about birch bark?" and then...yeah I figured it out. I'm just going to point out that it is early…and that I start my day with your blog.
I am enjoying Beaver Bonanza week- I don't know when I've seen so many cutesy beavers. Is there really a surfeit of beaver advertising, or is it just because we’re being treated to it all at once?

Savage said...

Well they've convinced me! I'll stop eating my birch bark and start eating their fandabulous sugary concoction.

Dan Goodsell said...

spraklebutt - the beaver is probably one of the least used animals in advertising but because of the ammount of advertising characters that have been created through the years, there are still quite a few of them. But none of them other then Bucky Beaver for Ipana ever came to any prominence.