Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mr Toast Reviewed

In the November 2006 issue of the Comic Buyer's Guide there is a review of Mr Toast at the CIrcus by Tony DiGerolamo. Tony also did a write of of the NYCC in the Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine #116 and was nice enough to mention Mr Toast!

Also a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that came down to Hi De Ho comics on Saturday. Everyone was cool and it was great to hang out with Steve Weissman, Jordan Crane, Johnny Ryan, Sam Henderson and Robert Goodin. These guys really work hard at their craft and it shows in everything they do. The event was well run and Sina and the rest of the staff at Hi De Ho Comics work hard to support the independant sprit.

Knights of the Dinner Table mention


Savage said...

Cool! Congrats Dan! It's good to get the word out, so everyone can enjoy!

Todd Franklin said...

That's super and it should bring more exposure!