Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Beaver Blog Bonanza Week - Tuesday

Ray Patin Beaver animation drawing

Ray Patin Beaver animation drawing

Ray Patin Beaver animation drawing

The Ray Patin Studios were one of the many commercial animation houses that produced all the great 1950's TV commercials. Years ago I was lucky enough to buy a big box of animation drawings from the studio. Some were marked but many others had nothing to tell what they were for or if the commercials were ever produced.

This amazing group of beaver drawings were among those mystery drawings. Technically they are some of the nicest drawing in the collection using a great pencil shading technique.

Well the mystery of these drawings was solved by Spike over at the Bedazzled blog when he posted this Campbells Kids Clubhouse commercial. The internet has proven to be the greatest resource for pop cultural research.

For more beaver fun check out Tikiranch and comeback here tomorrow for even more....

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Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Yes, well - between you and Spike at Bedazzled, there's not a lot of pop culture knowledge that can't be found.

And I mean in that in the best possible way to both of you.