Monday, August 28, 2006

Beaver Blog Bonanza Week - Monday

This week I am starting a special series of postings in conjunction with Randy at Tikiranch. We will be looking at the Beaver in advertising. We thought of this the other week at the flea market and both of us found enough characters to do a full weeks worth of postings.

Today I am looking at two beavers that appeared on cereal boxes. I don't know the first guys name but he appeared on Kellogg's Sugar Smacks in Canada. He has a great little plaid hat and looks lovingly at his bowl of cereal. As with many cereal mascots, he did not survive long.

GM Eager Beaver

Dubble Bubble Offer

Cerealand Friends

Eager Beaver cut out

Second up is Eager Beaver for KIX. In the mid 50's, General Mills wanted to get in on the mascot game so they created Mr Moonbird, Eager Beaver and Magic Rabbit. They mostly appeared on the backs of the boxes but occasionally popped up on the fronts. These three were a little ahead of their time and would not last for long. But the spirit of Magic Rabbit lived on and a few years later Trix would have another rabbit mascot, the Trix Rabbit.

So that is day one of Beaver Blog Bonanza Week - check out Tikiranch and back here tomorrow for more bucktoothed fun.

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Todd Franklin said...

This should be a fun week and great idea!