Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bunny Train

One of the many things I collect are tiny wooden toys from the 60's. It is amazing what they can make with the simple wood shapes.

Artist Rabbit w/ Chick

Duck w/ Egg Cart

60's Elf & Mushroom

Little Wood Mushrooms


Savage said...

I recall my grandmother had lots of wooden toys for us kids to play with. Even some for the crib.

Now-a-days everything is plastic.

Disneyland Hippo said...

I like today toys. pm

Gabriel said...

wow, I'm impressed, I never knew about those. The second rabbit is amazing!

Anonymous said...

These are great!!

I had a few of the Fisher Price pull toys, and loved them. They had way better toys back then, the quality was so much better then today's toys.