Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Publications of Note

The new Animation Blast is out. Amid has pulled out all the stops and this issue really brings animation history to life. At 106 pages it is almost a book with full color throughout.

HI-Fructose #3 premiered at Comic Con but I never made it over to their booth. Full color, 90 pages with articles about Mark Ryden, Jim Woodring, Chris Ware, etc and a free Viewmaster reel of the photowork of Brian McCarty. Unbelievable production values and photography makes this the premiere alternative art magazine.

I really enjoy the work of Geoffrey Ellis. He shoots antique malls, RVs and other junk culture but gives them a life of their own. His Sad Kids color zine is a great way to get introduced to his work. But get one quick, it is limited to 75 signed copies.

Lastly is Aaron Renier's Spiral-Bound. It came out last year but it is one of my new favorite comic graphic novels. Great b/w art with a story that introduces us to a wonderful and personal world.

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Amid said...

Thanks Dan! Glad to hear that you liked the new Blast. It certainly took long enough to finish. I'm just glad it's finally getting out there.