Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mr Chips - Burry Day 13

Mr Chips Salesman DisplayMr Chips box back

Mr Chips was Burry's answer for Chips Ahoy. They came in 3 flavors and had quite the mysterious mascot. A few months ago I was lucky to get a salesman sample box of all three flavors. The amazing thing is that the boxes are still sealed in cello wrap and full of cookies!

Mr Chips Secret Mission to EyesoreMr Chips & the Cookie People of MarsMr Chips comic back coverMr Chips comic book art

They made 3 Mr Chips comics in 1965. In my collection I have the complete original artwork to one of the comics which may have been done by the Jay Ward Studios.

Burry's Mr Chips animation celBurry's Mr Chips animation drawing

I also have a few animation cels with Mr Chips. I have never seen the commercials so I am not sure what he did with that giant cannon....

Mr Chips Puppet


Anonymous said...

the giant cannon was used to blast chocolate chips into the cookies.

Anonymous said...

I just discover the famous Mr Chips through your blog : thanks for that!
Do you have scan of the three adventures and the fabulous original art work you'are so lucky to have;)
I can pay you for that!
Hope you'll read this message. Here is my mail adress :
Best regards from Paris

Unknown said...

Cool Stuff for sure!!! If your interested in selling any Animation Cels please notify me at

Douglas Gottlieb said...

Fantastic post!

I’ve been searching for video of the commercial without luck for years.

I recall it being mildly scary as a kid. The figure mumbled and was only seen in silhouette scurrying around and firing the canon.

I loved it. Amazing that you have all of this stuff after so many years. Thanks for posting