Friday, June 08, 2007

Art by Laura Park

I have been bugging Laura Park about getting one of her drawings since the first time I saw her work. Well we finally worked out a trade and I got the piece shown above. It is hard to talk about artwork you love because it just affects you. I could try to talk about the linework, the compostition, the skill that go into her drawings but it is all there on the paper to see. I will be enjoying this drawing for a long time to come.

Included with the drawing was a nice little illustrated note and some sharpie takes on my characters graced the box she shipped it to me in. To enjoy more of her work check her out on flickr - Laura (featherbed) Park - you won't be disappointed.

Art by Laura Park (featherbed)The Lemon Bros. by Laura Park (featherbed)Mr Toast by Laura Park (featherbed)


Anonymous said...

Laura ROCKS!

sroden said...

i like the mr. toast she drew with really big hands....