Sunday, June 24, 2007

Batman & Green Hornet - Burry Day 7

Mr Chips box w/ Batmobile offer

Batman was a hit on TV in 1966 so Burry's ran a great promotional offer for a mail away Aurora Batmobile kit. To promote it they made a giant vacuform plastic sign.

Batman Burry Cookies sign

Also in 1966 Burry worked with the popular TV show, the Green Hornet, and issued a plastic bike badge. The bike badge shows up but the boxes with the offer are quite rare and did not just appear on cookie boxes but also on an ice cream sandwich box!

Bike Badge

photo from Hake's

Ice Cream Sandwich boxIce Cream Sandwich Box

photos from ebay


Tunes said...

Thye might have also had a series of puppets with Wizard of Oz characters.

Unknown said...

The WOZ puppets were a premium offered by Ivory Snow.