Thursday, June 28, 2007

Burryland - Burry Day 11

Burry took all their characters and put them together in one place, Burryland. They even produced a vacuform plastic game that was a map of the magical place. You could visit the Moutain of Marshmallow or take a paddleboat up the River of Chocolate. One of the most intersting things about the game is the appearance of Souperfish, which I guess was a brand of crackers that went into your soup. I would like to find a box of those.

Burryland Game piecesBurryland Stars cookie box

Burryland Stars were a brand of cookies that brought together all the Burry characters of the time. This box from 1968 also included a free prize, maybe this was where all those puppets came from.....

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sam said...

I had not remembered the Souperfish until seeing the image in your blog. They were indeed a cracker for your soup, and were shaped like just like the fish on the playing pieces. They were flat and I think just a little larger than Goldfish crackers. I remember eating them in my Campbell's chicken noodle soup, and as a snack, always biting off the swordfish nose, and the tails first. They may have been available in regular and cheese flavor, but I am not sure of that fact.