Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fudgetown - Burry Day 9

Another of Burry's classic cookies was Fudgetown. I have never seen the early commercials but it seems that Fudgetown is a little Bavarian town filled with elf characters that harness the fountains of fudge and use it to fill the cookies. The characters include Divinty Fudge, Finister Fudge and Judge Fudge.

Fudgetown box backFudgetown box back

I have seen a couple of box backs but I only have a b/w photos of the front of the box.

Burry's Fudgetown Elves celFudgetown Animation celFudgetown animation drawing

As you can see from these animation cels, the first commericals were not color. I have heard that the commercials were done by the Jay Ward Studios.

Marshal Fudge Fillin

I am not sure that this puppet is from Fudgetown. I think that Burry may have dumped the elves and went for a cowboy theme in early 70's. If anyone remembers this please leave a comment....


Anonymous said...

Jay Ward did 3 Fudgetown ads in 1968. They are titled The Critters, Won the West, and Full of Fudge so based on the title of the second one, that could have featured the cowboy.

Anonymous said...

Oops, didn't sign my name before. I also know Jay Ward did ads for Scooter Pies and Mr. Chips cookies the same year. There were also ads done for Gauchos and Mr. Chips done in 1969

Waffle Whiffer [Brandon] said...

Dan -- Yes, Marshal Fudge Fillin was also from Fudge Town. He was from the same era as Harold the Scooter Pie Giant, which I'm not sure if it was before or after the Fudgetown Elves. I believe he was done by Jay Ward too.

I've seen a premium kite from Burry's with Marshall on it and it mentions Fudge Town. (There's also one of Harold the Giant.)

I'm really enjoying your Burry's posts! Great stuff.

B. Sloan said...

Found this link searching for some Burry's cookies nostalgia...

I absolutely loved those things. There may have been one year around '68 or 69 that Burry's included a little plastic Bat-Mobile (or possibly one had to send away for it with a box-top).

These cookies were magical. The advertising worked very well on my 7-year old brain.