Friday, February 10, 2006

Show Opening

Against my general policy, I am posting this one picture of myself at the show. They did little interviews with each of the artists and I rambled on aimlessly for a few minutes. Otherwise the show was a great success, with tons of people coming through and saying hi. We also had a table set up with merchandise and a lot of little Mr Toast dolls were sold to young and old alike. Tomorrow I will post photos of all the stuff in the show so if you plan on going and being surprised don't look. And thanks to everyone that came by.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dan!
It was great to meet you tonight and to see your work in person! It has such a great energy and that playfulness that makes it great fun to look at!

All the best-
George and Ayleen
October Toys

Dan Goodsell said...

well thanks for coming out and wearing your cool penguin shirts!

Anonymous said...

Congrats from Michigan. We wish we could have been there.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Congrats Dan from Colorado. Same as everyone else, wish I could have been there.