Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cereal Box Spotlight

I don't have alot of Japanese cereal boxes and those that have seem to shown up were all Kellogg's. Well this is the odd man out and it is even more amazing because it is from 1969. CIscorn cereal looks to be a frosted flakes rip off but to spice things up they have 2 animal characters, a bear and a toucan. Then on the back is an illustration of a faux Beatles rock band. The box is an unused flat and had gotten sent back from Japan by a guy who worked at a factory that printed cereal boxes. Then it sat in a filing cabinet until the 90's when I got it. It is sometimes a very odd path that an item takes to get into a collector's hands.

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Anonymous said...

Groovy Beatles minus 1 characters. Dig those colors.