Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hanna Barbera - The Late 70's

I am not here to judge the output of the Hanna Barbera Studios in the late 1970's but these syndication sheets give a nice overview of their productions. Laff-A-Lympics, Blast Off Buzzard, Robonic Stooges are just a few of the classics that still need to be released on DVD. Still we wait.....(actually it would be cool to see the Skatebirds again).


John Rozum said...

Thanks for posting all of those great H-B images, Dan. You've reminded me of a number of characters I'd forgotten about.

I've been wishing for a return of many of these old shows, making due with some deteriorating VHS tapes as well as the DVDs that have recently benn released. I'm glad that titles like "Top Cat" and "Huckleberry Hound" have been released, but am not holding my breath for others I'm dying to see such as "Moby Dick" and "The Arabian Knights."

Oh well, in the meantime I've been busy collaging portraits of various Hanna-Barbera charcters at the rate of one per day, which can be seen under "news" at www.johnrozum.com

It's not the same as watching the shows, but it's been pretty fun, for me, anyway. Feel free to stop by for a visit.

fatrobot said...

man i love laff-a-lympics!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dan! Great pics, do you have some more?

Dan Goodsell said...

There is always more - it is just a matter of finding it in my stuff and scanning it

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Man, I've got so many fond memories of watching the laff-a-lympics. Oddly enough though, most of them revolve around family trips and motel stays. It seems like that was the only cartoon I ever saw on trips, and only trips, so it's up there with Stuckeys, KOA camps, and Yes & No invisible Ink activity books. Thanks for posting these.

AH3RD said...

Cool, Dan! You have the flyer depicting Hanna-Barbera's New Shows from 1975 and 1976?

Anonymous said...



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AH3RD said...

There is one from 1978-79 which exists. It features all the new Hanna-Barbera shows from that season except Scooby's All-Stars on ABC and The All-New Popeye Hour in CBS, the latter of which belonged to another property (King Features!).