Saturday, August 25, 2007

Willy Wonka Candy

Scrumdidilyuptious Display box

I loved the movie Willy Wonka when it came out in the 70's and I was a huge consumer of the candy when it came out after the movie. So as a collector I have searched high and low for the wrappers, premiums and display boxes. Here are a few of the items I have turned up.

Willy Wonka's Super SkrunchSkrunchOompasOompasGobstopper box

Gobstopper box

Gobstopper bagGobstopper buttonDinosaur Egg boxWacky Wafers packagesRunts boxesWilly Wonka promo button


PFDebate said...

I loved Oopmas and the Super Skrunch bar. Did they actually make a Wonka bar in the 70s? I don't car for the new Wonka bar.

Anonymous said...

I loved the gobstoppers as a kid.
I remember they came two in a pack, and were quite large.
Then suddenly I remember not being able to find them for a while.
Later I found the smaller size gobstoppers in the box.
But these were just not as enjoyable.
Perhaps little kids were choking on those huge gobstoppers so the company decided to manufacture the smaller ones instead??

Dan Goodsell said...

Yeah there was no initial Wonka Bar in the 70's. Only this more recent one that is not one of my favorites.

yeah the original Gobstoppers were cello wrapped and much larger. They disappeared and the little ones were then in stores.

Ladytink_534 said...

Those are too cool! It's been too long since I've had a Gobstopper.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your mom let you eat way too much candy when you were growing up.

Sorry about that.


Waffle Whiffer [Brandon] said...

Great Wonkallection there, Dan!

You know, I remember going to see the movie as a very young child. Outside the theater was man dressed in a Willy Wonka outfit and manning a candy cart. I think he gave me some Oompas, if I recall correctly.

RI 360 said...

anyone ever hear of a comic book version of the original movie?