Saturday, August 04, 2007

Comic Con Goodies

Perhaps my favorite thing of the show was the Canned Haminal. So cute and there is also a super funny book about him. Check him out at

Canned HaminalCanned Haminal bookYo Gabba Gabba buttons

The Nick booth was giving out Yo Gabba Gabba buttons. I got a few at the show but ordered the set off ebay when I got home.

Putrid Pal

Michael Fleming (Tweedlebop) came by and gave me some great Putrid Pal buttons and postcards. Other cool people that came by included Mike Payne, Dan Coble, Dave/Tokka/B2, Larry Marder (Beanworld), Juliana (Colorblok), Jess Hutch & Jeff Heerman, Jeff Pidgeon, Elizabeth Ito, Phil (devojane), Sappy Moose Tree and too many other people to remember. As always I want to thank everyone for stopping by and saying HI, see you all next year I hope.

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