Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Publications of Note - HI-Fructose #4

The new issue of Hi-Fructose is out and even though I helped out a tiny bit with the magazine, I can't praise it enough. There are articles about Fawn Gehweiler, Ray Caesar, Ragnar, Gary Taxali, Lesley Reppeteaux and Saurkids. But the thing that makes the magazine great are all the little featurettes thoughout the magazine on toys, artists and fun culture. The magazine continues to be image driven and wallows in the goodness of the active art scene that is going on right now. You can order it from HI-FRUCTOSE but do it before they sell out....

Hi-Fructose #4

Hi-Fructose #4

Hi-Fructose #4


Anonymous said...

I do like their magazine, but the subscription price is a bit steep. The cover for HI-Fructose #3 was super. I always read them when I find them in the bookstore. They're packed with great stuff.

Jeff Andrews said...

Hey Dan! I picked up this magazine a few weeks ago at Borders because I saw Mr.Toast in it! I kept meaning to tell you!

A great magazine to be sure!