Thursday, March 29, 2007

1969 Post Honeycomb Kid artwork

Here we have the original line artwork for the front of the 1969 Honeycomb box. The art was done on vellum and then glued to artboard, over the years the glue has turned brown. This was probably the final box with the Honeycomb Kid. Offered in the box as a premium were scale models of the 1969 Mercury cars, 4 different models in 6 colors.

1969 Post Honeycomb box

1969 Mercury car offer1969 Mercury car offer

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Unknown said...

Wow, funny how the ageing on the vellum resulted in a nice funky woodgrain effect...also very kewl how it 'pops' the corrections in white gouache, must have been, given the era. Honeycomb was my favorite cereal as a little cartoon-obsessed fat kid - makes my gums hurt even now to think of Saturday mornings.

I also wanted to say 'thanks' for your blog and various websites. It pleases me so that somebody out there likes the stuff I do and is taking the time to collect it before it disappears.