Friday, March 23, 2007

Mr Toast's USA Tour - California - Part 2

We pick up Mr Toast in San Diego with his host Kate. They are heading to the fair....

"Can you find Mr Toast? He's in there somewhere."

"Tractor time."

"Mr Toast snuck on a float."

"Vegetable friend found at the fair."

"Funnel cakes for everyone."

"Foot massage after a day at the fair."

"A view of San Diego Harbor."

"An afternoon on the bay with Mr Toast."

"Shall we take a sail?"

"Sail away, away....."

"Mr Toast is tied up at the moment."

"San Diego downtown."

"Time to go already?!?!"

"San Diego loves you too, Mr Toast."

"Mr Toast travels in style.

This finishes his stay in San Diego. A big thanks to Kate for being our first host and quite a wonderful one. Next up, Mr Toast heads to the Sagebrush State of Nevada.


robin.g said...

My Mister Toast (Tuckahoe Toast) is enjoying these pics of Traveling Mister Toast. He is sitting on my futon with a bunch of friends.

Nessa said...

Looks like he's having a fun time. =3