Sunday, January 21, 2007

Smokey the Bear Week - Day 7

Well 7 days make a week so this is the end. I have also thrown in a couple of Woodsy Owl pieces that came in the collection. It seems that the cool 1970's Woodsy Owl has gotten the boot and been replaced with a New Super Lame version. You can read about it over on Boing Boing - Here, Here and Here, it will make you cry.

Smokey the Bear postcards

Woodsy Owl sticker & bookmark


facty said...

Thanks for a great Smokey series this week, Dan. What a fun collection!

earlysnowdrop said...

Enjoyed seeing your blog. Love Smokey!

You might enjoy a blog I started's a collection of vintage (1910ish) valentine cards originally sent to my grandma and her sister when they were girls.

Todd Franklin said...

This was fun! Yes, I'm now crying about poor old Woodsy