Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Plush Week 2 - Jan 23-30

Here is the info on the Plush show I am going to be a part of. I will be showing my new large scale Mr Toast Super Softys. I will be there and happy to say Hi and I think that Mr Toast might be showing up too(more news on that later). Well here are the particulars, hope to see some of you there.

PLUSH WEEK 2: ECLECTIC BOOGALOO - January 23-30, 2007

Opening reception: Tuesday, January 23 - 7 to 10 p.m.
Valet available in neighboring parking lot

Gallery 1988 - 7020 Melrose Ave. (corner of La Brea) Los Angeles, CA 90038

ARTISTS include - Anna Chambers, Apak, Blobby Farm, Cameron Tiede, Candy Creatures, Carolyn Suzuki, Creature Co-op, Dan Goodsell, FluffyBadBad, Gyeong, Heidi Kenney, Jäke Henzler, Jellibat, Jen Rarey, Jill Penney, Jude Buffum, Longo-Land, Lost Monster, Love Ablan, Luisa Castellanos, Maoma, Michelle Valigura, Missy Broome, Monster Factory, Mr. Funky, OhNo!Doom, Renee Gontarski, Sandra Equihua & Kellie Smith, Sewdorky, Shawnimals, Social Studies & Suicide Kittens


High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can help me solve a mystery. Growing up in the late 60s, we had some sort of large plastic "toy" with a kooky name, like: The swervy, turvy, topsy, turvy, tipsy, skipsy doodle. I'm sure those aren't the correct words, but that's the way it was marketed. Sort of like a mini teeter-totter, or if you turned it upside down and put it on your head, it resembled a pirate's hat, sort of. These things were so large (for a toy), and made of durable plastic, you'd think there'd be scads of them still cluttering up basements, garages...or at least shown somewhere on the web or ebay. I can't even find a single reference. Do you recall this item, what it was called? And have any theory why they're still not around? Are landfills full of Dipsy-Doodle?


Todd Franklin said...

Have fun at the show!

Anonymous said...

i used to have one of those!!!! lol im looking for a picture or the poem myself...good luck~

Anonymous said...

it WAS called the "swervy curvy topsy turvy skipsy dipsy doodle" and I had a red one
Aside from you, i've never found a reference to one on line (and I've been looking) However, the white faced gibbons at the Roger Williams Park and Zoo in RI have a yellow one hanging in their enclosure.

Anonymous said...

This is it...


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Mark Callahan and I was in one of the original commercials for Skippy doodle toys when I was 7 years old approximately I'm now 66!
I've been searching for a copy of the commercial if anybody could help me find one I'd be really
Happy! Thank you!