Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mary Blair for Meadow Gold

Years ago I bought a Meadow Gold tab button with their little girl character on it. It sat in my truck and I would admire it while waiting at stoplights. Eventually I found out that Mary Blair did the design and it really added to my love of her work. I had been admiring the simplicty and design without realizing that it was her work. A great artist's brilliance shines through, even years later and without name recognition. This is the kind of influence every artist dreams of, one that long outlives the artist.

Mary Blair Ice Cream carton

Mary Blair Ice Cream carton

Mary Blair Gold Ice Cream carton

Mary Blair Ice Cream carton lid


Daveland said...

The Season's Greetings one is great; where the heck do you put all this stuff and how do you keep track of it?!?

Dan Goodsell said...

I have a storage unit that holds a lot of stuff. It is all sort of organized so I can usually find things. But some small stuff , like the button i mentioned in the post, gets buried and can be impossible to find.

Todd Franklin said...

I found one of those tabs a couple of years ago, but mine had a lot of wear, so I sold it.