Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sick O' Beans

In today's comic, we revisit Mr Toast in his tramping days. He and Drunken Carrot met back then and often found themselves living on canned beans because of their limited funds. After a few weeks, they found themselves "Sick O' Beans". Time to find a little work.


facty said...

This reminds me of England, where our family was offered toast and beans at every breakfast.

I thought it was just that special British wackiness that I'd heard so much about - now I believe they thought we were hobos.fac

Kate said...

Canned beans are a staple of my university diet. Great on toast, great with cowboy food, great straight out of the can. And often two for a Canadian dollar. Though in a few more months, I see my roommate and myself living that comic.

Dan Goodsell said...

yes beans, mac & cheese and top ramen - we have all lived that life at some time