Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shaky Bacon

I just finished up a couple paintings with Shaky Bacon. He is probably my favorite character to come up with ideas for because he is such a screwball. The b/w one is titled "The Hold Up" and is part of the series Silent Pictures. "Air Blaster" is from my Wham-o series.

Air Blaster


Eurotrash said...

I heart Shaky

Chris N. said...

Wow - I never imagined Joe as a tough guy. He's even got an Edward G Robinson-type expression. You know he's probably talking like Edward.

Great painting!

Tom Gill said...

I love these monochromatic works. I can "hear" the plinking of an old-time piano when I look at them - kind of like the old silent movies.

Anonymous said...

I was born in 1949 and recall a cereal box cartoon character who had a see through window on his stomach. He didn't eat with his mouth, but just opened the door on his stomach and put the product right into his stomach.

Anybody recall that product or character? I think it would be around 1954 thru 56.

Fort Worth, Tx.

Dan Goodsell said...

that sounds pretty weird nothign I have ever heard of - seems a little to out there for a creal box, maybe just used in commercials