Friday, September 29, 2006

Disneyland Collection

A few days ago I posted about my friends Disneyland collection that I am going to be selling. Well it all finally got here and I am trying to sort it all out. So what I have done is create a set of photos on Flickr of all the nicer stuff. I have already shot about 100 photos and expect to shoot at least 100 more. What fun.

Disneyland Collection on Flickr


Todd Franklin said...

So far that's an impressive Disneyland collection! Good work!

Anonymous said...

Is he selling it all at once?
or is the stuff E-Bay bound?

Thanks for the amazing images Dan!
Just goes to show that Disney finally
made a good choice in using Josh (shag)
to do the new merch at the park...and
how influenced he was by the old art.

Dan Goodsell said...

I get to keep some stuff, some stuff is being sold to collectors I know and much will end up on ebay over the next couple months. if there is something you care about let me know.

Ed South said...

Awesome collection of stuff from the park. This might be a totally stupid remark from the east coast but...Have you considered getting in touch with the Disney Archives regarding this collection. I would imagine they don't have all the pieces...especially the incidental paper pieces!
Just a thought!

Dan Goodsell said...

Disney has a pretty huge archive from my understanding and in my experience it is a lot easier dealing with collectors.

Anonymous said...

Archive? Look what they did to their actual full-sized archive! Been to Tomorrowland lately? As I said before, Thank you to someone there with the heart & guts to let Shag bring a little color and vibe back to the place.

M.N. said...

I arrived at your page after searching for pictures of chiclet packages from the 80s.
Your blog is amazing, I have not been able to stop reading all the entries. It is a feast for the eyes!!
But when I reached this cookie tin I just *had* to write. This is an Uruguayan cookie tin. I know, because I live in Uruguay and this manufacturer (El Trigal) still exists.
What are the odds of finding this kind of item in a USA blog???? :)
You made my day. Best regards.

Anonymous said...



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